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Collies Available for Adoption

Please read important information for prospective adopters at the bottom of this page!

Not all NorCal collies are listed on this page. We often work from a waiting list. If you are interested in adopting a collie, please send in an application[Click Here].  It often takes time to match each collie with just the right forever home.  Thank you for your patience.
How can you resist this sweet face? When no one came to claim Laydee at the CCSPCA we just couldn't leave her there. We had to go get her so we could help her find just the right forever home for her.....Are you that Furever Family?

Laydee is a collie mix (probably with Australian Shepherd or border collie) She is apx. 7 years old, spayed, current on her vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  She is scheduled for a dental cleaning later this week and will be available for adoption after June 15th. 

Laydee is very intelligent and knows basic commands.  She is ok on leash but tends to pull.  She has very good house behavior and is housebroken. She is sweet, loving and playful for her age.  She is good with dogs, cats and kids over 5.  She wants to be with her people like most collies but shows no anxiety if she is separated from them. She is not aggressive however she has shown some minor resource guarding with food/treats.  She is friendly to strangers, and when excited she will jump (nothing that simple correction/training wouldn’t cure).  She can also be a protective barker when people come to the door.

Laydee’s ideal home would be with an experienced, active home that will include her in the family adventures.  She loves walks and needs exercise to keep her mind and body alert.  Ok in a home with older kids and other pets.  She could soon become a valued member for the right family.  

Laydee’s adoption fee is $200.

If you live in Northern California and are interested in adopting Laydee, please complete our online adoption application.

This beautiful, bonded pair will be a blessing to whoever brings them into their home.

Emily is 8 years old, spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations.  Emily LOVES people.  She traveled a lot with her family as a young pup and was exposed to a lot of people in various situations.  As with most collies, she was usually the center of attention, wherever she went and ate it up.  While she was never certified in therapy, she spent many weekends serving in that role at local nursing homes where her loving and mellow personality would bring comfort and joy to the residents.

Emily experiences seizures when given flea and heartworm medications.  She must be treated holistically, if needed, for prevention of fleas due to her severe drug sensitivity.  Emily is starting to show signs of arthritis in her right front leg. A low dose of anti- inflammatory works wonders for her.   She recently had blood work done and it came back wonderful.

Katie is 5 years old, spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations.  Katie is high energy and would likely do well in agility if her new family wanted to pursue that activity with her. She is loyal, sensitive and affectionate, but doesn't seek people out like Emily. Katie is completely bonded to Emily.  Her focus is always on Emily.  They are rarely apart, but if for some reason she is away from Emily, she becomes withdrawn and depressed.  Katie can get pushy when others are paying attention to Emily and she will worm her way in to get attention, as well.

Katie has flea allergies.  Fortunately, she does not have Emily’s drug sensitivity and is doing well on an oral flea preventative with no side effects.  Katie also has severe food allergies and must be kept on a strict diet to prevent GI issues.  They are currently being fed Nature’s Recipe Venison and Rice but Blue Buffalo is another brand they do well with, the lamb and rice.
Both girls are well mannered and know basic obedience commands.  They don’t beg as they were never given people food.  Nor are they barkers indoors although, when excited, Katie loves to express herself in a way only collies can.  She will, however, immediately quiet down if asked.  They have been raised in an apartment and are indoor dogs. They are housebroken - to the point where Emily will vomit before going in the house. They go pretty much on command and they have been kept on a schedule for eating and pooping that works well for their current situation but their family always dreamed of them having a yard of their own to play in.  They get along well with other dogs and cats.  They love people and are good with kids. 

We will not consider separating these girls, they must be adopted together.

If you live in Northern California, have a love of collies, are willing to adopt them as a pair, understand collie allergies and drug sensitivity issues or are willing to learn -- Please complete our online adoption application.  If you have additional questions, and would like to discuss Emily and Katie further prior to completing an application, please email laurie@calcollierescue.org