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Collies Available for Adoption

Please read important information for prospective adopters at the bottom of this page!

Not all NorCal collies are listed on this page. We often work from a waiting list. If you are interested in adopting a collie, please send in an application[Click Here].  It often takes time to match each collie with just the right forever home.  Thank you for your patience.
Tiny Bella only around 30 lbs. Or will be when she looses a few of the extra lbs she is carrying.  Collie or Sheltie mix not sure which. We rescued her from Craig's List "Free to good home". We all know that is not a safe place for this little sweetie to be listed.  She is so adorable you wont believe it!  She is miss wiggly, cuddly, friendly and has an adorable personality. A very happy, fun little dog.  Her owners are moving to Florida and couldn't take her along. We really don't know how they could give her up, but here she is.

Bella is 3 years old, spayed and UTD on her shots. She is house trained, very sweet. Submissive to other dogs. Loves to run and play with other dogs, and loves to be on your bed or couch to cuddle with you.  She is very well mannered in the house, and very quiet and calm. Rarely barks unless appropriate. She will jump up on people because she wants attention or when she is excited to see you, but she is so small, its not that big a deal, and she can be trained not to do that.  She knows a trick too!   If you say "bang" she will fall over. so cute!

Bella has never seen a cat until coming to her foster home. She thinks they are great fun to chase, but doesn't hurt them. She should not be placed in a home with cats for that reason. Her owner said she did injure a couple of their baby chicks...so she should not go to a home with chickens. Bella has never been around children, but we think she would be great with kids. Since she has not been evaluated with kids though, we recommend only older kids. Travels very well in the car, but will need to be restrained because she is quite agile and will jump into the front seat.

Bella is looking for a home where she will have lots of attention. She is a Velcro dog, that follows her people around everywhere they go. Or will just sit  at their feet or lap or next to them on the couch. We would like for her to have people with her most of the time. Although she is fine being left alone. She does love to run, so she will need a home where plenty of exercise is provided for her. Daily games of fetch, and another dog to play with would be perfect. She can be an only dog, but would prefer to have other dogs to play with at least a few days a week.

If you are falling in love with this little girl already, and who wouldn't!  please submit our adoption application.