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NCR June Newsletter

NorCal Collie Rescue
June 2018

In this issue:
  • What is Collie Nose?
  • Sanctuary Collies
  • Collie Letters
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What is Collie Nose?
Our recent NCR collie Autumn, who suffered from collie nose, generated a lot of questions regarding her condition. We've included links to two informative articles about Collie Nose to help you understand what it is, the potential causes, and how to treat it.

Collie Nose in Dogs by Jane Meggitt

She writes: "The skin condition known as collie nose isn't limited to collies. Various diseases can cause this nose nastiness. If your dog's nose becomes lighter because of loss of pigment, or if he has sores or crusting, take him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment." 

This is an easy to read article listing causes of collie nose and treatment. Find article HERE.

Discoid (Cutaneous) Lupus Erythematosus by Catherine Barnette, DVM

She writes: "Discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE), also known as cutaneous lupus erythematosus, is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin. There are two other types of lupus that affect the skin: vesicular cutaneous lupus erythematosus and exfoliative cutaneous lupus, both of which are relatively uncommon.

The is an informative article on collie nose caused by an auto-immune disease. To find full article click HERE.

Meet our Sanctuary Collies

Often, through no fault of their own, collies end up in rescue looking for a new family to love and care for them in the twilight of their life.
We make every effort to find a forever home for every collie we rescue, but sometimes it is not possible, even though we have many waiting adopters and so few collies available. A collie’s advanced age, significant medical needs, and physical limitations all play a part in determining whether a collie is adoptable.
When we determine a collie is unadoptable, they become NCR Sanctuary Collies and live in rescue forever. We provide these collies with the best care we can until it is their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. These collies will not have to live and take their last breath alone or uncared for, instead they will be housed in a Sanctuary Home for the duration of their life.
Sanctuary Homes are provided by the most giving animal lovers. They give of their heart, time, and home to make these “unadoptable” dogs feel welcomed, loved, secure, happy and comfortable. They provide Sanctuary.
To read more about our Sanctuary Program and care, click HERE.

Do you have a heart that wants to provide Sanctuary to a senior or ailing collie?  If you would like more information regarding becoming a Sanctuary home, please email laurie@calcollierescue.org for details.

Below are pictures of just a few collies in our NCR Sanctuary Program over the years.

Maggie May


Big John



Jean Luc





Collie Letters


Kodie was one of our Wild Forest Dogs rescued by a Sierra Nevada animal disaster team in a remote wilderness area. They alerted NCR. We picked the two dogs up. In 2015 Kodie was adopted. His mom writes in: 

Greetings NCR,
I wanted to share a Kodie success story with you and his other kind kin folks, so please share with all who love our prince of a pup.
Today, he was The Star of one of the classes that I teach at senior centers and residences. This day center is for people with dementia, stroke, and other cognitive or neurological conditions. The Activities Director and I had been planning this, so it finally happened, and Kodie brought so much love and joy to everyone. 
From the moment we walked into the center, he was attracting people who usually stayed out of the classroom, and they might have followed Kodie anywhere! I was very careful not to make anyone have to encounter Kodie if they requested that or showed any fear or hesitation.
Only one student requested not wanting to pet him when we first introduced him--"May" who is blind and an Elton John fan like me (we sing those tunes together). I use music from all genres, as this is one of the best interactive cognitive exercises, and it's FUN!
First, I told his Amazing Tale of Survival, answered questions, and he made his first round to meet and greet, then May said (quite loudly), "OK ! I want to meet him! "I've never seen her smile like she did while feeling and petting his beautiful face. As she touched him, she wanted to know "what color is he?" and that is a loaded question for this Australian Shepard, Collie, (and more ?) mix ! So, another student and I shared the answers with her as she felt the distinctive textures of his silky, fawn colored face, the darker brown of the top of his head and his velvet ears, the wavy, course white fur along his long back, and the wiry, soft spots of grey and black on his sides.
May was more and more delighted with each discovery. Kodie was so calm, gentle, sweet, intuitive, and loving with everyone. When May's foldable cane dropped to the floor, he didn't flinch, and wheelchairs or walkers did not frighten or deter him from greeting someone.
My class lasts an hour, and I was going to take my cues from Kodie if he needed to leave sooner. Yet, this prince performed crawling under a bench (The Kodie Crawl), giving his paw, dancing with me, and making everyone laugh and applaud, as he loves to perform. He has the most courageous and generous spirit.
Thank YOU for rescuing, training, and loving this noble creature. He is such a blessing to my life and to many other lives in so many ways!
With gratitude and love always,
Patty & Kodie 



Atticus was adopted by the Francos in 2009. They write in: 

Our Atticus passed away on Wednesday [May] 23rd, at noontime. He was such a great friend and companion. He was part of our family.
Atticus loved to be around us all the time, the sweetest dog you could ever want. The whole family loved him and he loved them back. The best time for him was when our family got together. He would take turns visiting everyone for a pat and cuddle. In the backyard he would place himself in a way that he could see Carolyn and me gardening, guarding us like the Shepard that he was. He especially loved kids and loved taking out his toys for them. He was also very gentle with them as with older folks. My Parents (rest their souls) loved Atticus so much. Every time I was going to visit them he would get so excited and happy, you just had to ask him, "We are going to see Papa and Abuelita. Do you want to come?" and he would be jumping for joy. He just loved going for trips in the car.
We will miss our good friend but we know he is in a better place taking his naps any time he wants.
Thank you to Collie Rescue from the bottom of our hearts for giving Atticus a second chance to have a good life. I hope we were as good to him as he was to us.
Hugo & Carolyn Franco

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