NorCal Collie Rescue

NorCal Collie Rescue is a nonprofit corporation* founded by collie lovers who are dedicated to taking responsibility for collies at risk in northern California.  Collies come to rescue from many sources, including animal shelters, death of the primary caretaker, people whose health has changed, breeders, divorce and many other circumstances.

Our volunteers take in and rehome collies in California, North of the Tehachapis. If you are in southern California, please contact Southland Collie Rescue. NCR will not ship collies or place them out of state, but we do collaborate with collie rescues adjacent to our area of coverage.

Please visit our About NCR page to learn more about our Organization.
Other collie organizations helping rescued collies in California:
Collie Rescue Foundation
A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Serving Northern California
and Surrounding Areas
* NorCal Collie Rescue is California non-profit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation C2798651 EIN 20-3381549.
   Your donations are fully tax deductible.
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Rescued Collie Arrives from South Korea, Goes All "Lassie", Saves Owner
What better way to celebrate National Dog Day than with a story about Lassie? How about a story in which Lassie is actually Alice where Alice is a Collie rescued from a high kill shelter in South Korea who finds her way to California where she saves her new owner from harm? Because that is what happened. And between dogs from Spain becoming therapy dogs and helping start prison programs and Korean Collies saving lives...I just might have to start an "Immigrants are Making Our Canine Nation Great" category.

Alice's story begins in a shelter in South Korea where she had arrived as a stray. She was being held for a ten day period to allow any surfacing owners to find her. After the hold expired, she would be euthanized if left unclaimed. Team Inch volunteer Wendy Lee Williams was alerted to her presence by a collie-enthusiast friend and immediately went to work to provide rescue for her if needed. Team Inch, named for "Inch", a rescued greyhound, works to rescue sight hounds and larger breed dogs, partnering with rescues in Canada and the U.S. as finding safe forever homes in South Korea for larger dogs can be difficult to achieve.

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2017 Collie Rescue Calendar Photos Needed

Third Annual
Collie Fun Day!
Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Got Photos?

We need quality photos for our popular NorCal Collie Rescue
Calendars. Send your photo submissions or any questions
about the calendar photos to Andrea Moss by September 30,

Traditionally, we produce four calendars:

•  Collie Portraits
•  Collie Fun
•  Collies with Friends
•  Rainbow Bridge

We invite NCR friends, supporters and collie lovers
to join in fun, food and fellowship
with collies for the afternoon.

Silent Auction
Fun & Games
AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing
- $15
spaces limited so sign up early
Herding Instinct Training - $40
spaces limited so sign up early
Agility Equipment Available - $5
use and test your collie's agility skills

Come and spend the day with beautiful collies
and fellow collie lovers.
Share your collie’s cutest tricks or their amazing story of rescue.
Refreshments will be available.

Please RSVP to
by Oct. 9th, 2016
include number of people and number of collies in your group
and if you would like to pre-register for CGC Testing or Herding Instinct Testing

*******Collies & Shelties only please********

At the home of Laurie Caudill
(Address to be furnished once you have RSVP'd)
How to Donate:

Send your donations directly to NCR:
NorCal Collie Rescue

Effective immediately, the mailing address for NorCal Collie Rescue has changed and will now be as follows.

274 Redwood Shores Pkwy. #210
Redwood City, CA. 94065

Make checks payable to
NorCal Collie Rescue
Thank you!!

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NorCal Collie Rescue offers you the convenience of donating through your credit card. You will receive a tax donation receipt once your billing comes through to us from PayPal.  For your information,  PayPal takes 3% + 30¢ to provide us with this service.