NorCal Collie Rescue

NorCal Collie Rescue is a nonprofit corporation* founded by collie lovers who are dedicated to taking responsibility for collies at risk in northern California.  Collies come to rescue from many sources, including animal shelters, death of the primary caretaker, people whose health has changed, breeders, divorce and many other circumstances.

Our volunteers take in and rehome collies in California, North of the Tehachapis. If you are in southern California, please contact Southland Collie Rescue. NCR will not ship collies or place them out of state, but we do collaborate with collie rescues adjacent to our area of coverage.

Please visit our About NCR page to learn more about our Organization.
Other collie organizations helping rescued collies in California:
Collie Rescue Foundation
A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Serving Northern California
and Surrounding Areas
* NorCal Collie Rescue is California non-profit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation C2798651 EIN 20-3381549.
   Your donations are fully tax deductible.
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The long awaited CD by Rick Aeschliman, "The Road Home" is done and will be ready to ship in a few days.  When you order Rick's wonderful CD, he will donate a generous portion of profit  to our "Angel Fund".

The Angel fund was set up by Cathy Toft and Rick 10 years ago to help rescue collies that are elderly and others also in need of special medical care.  Because there are reasonable limits on what we can ask regarding adoption fees for older and medically challenged collies, the adoption fee usually does not cover their medical expenses.  To help cover expenses of collies regardless of age and medical condition, we have set up a special called “The Angel Fund” and is named for Angel, one of our elderly rescue collies who crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2007.

Rick dedicated this Album to the memory of Cathy Toft, one of the founders of NorCal Collie Rescue, who died in December of 2011.   When the Angel Fund was set up Rick donated profits from prints of a painting he did called "The Road Home".  It was a limited edition of 250 prints. Rick and Cathy held back 50 prints to be offered at a later date. Rick has decided to release the remaining 50 prints and give one free CD with every print sold.
Click picture for larger image
This is a wonderful opportunity to own a CD or fine art print (free CD with print purchase) by Rick and help our elderly collies! 

The CD blends the hauntingly beautiful sound of the Native American Flute with Rick's simple,
but effective acoustic guitar melodies.  Great music therapy for dogs and human alike!

To order your CD or Print visit his website at:
Tiny Bella only around 30 lbs. Or will be when she looses a few of the extra lbs she is carrying.  Collie or Sheltie mix not sure which. We rescued her from Craig's List "Free to good home". We all know that is not a safe place for this little sweetie to be listed.  She is so adorable you wont believe it!  She is miss wiggly, cuddly, friendly and has an adorable personality. A very happy, fun little dog.  Her owners are moving to Florida and couldn't take her along. We really don't know how they could give her up, but here she is.

Bella is 3 years old, spayed and UTD on her shots. She is house trained, very sweet. Submissive to other dogs. Loves to run and play with other dogs, and loves to be on your bed or couch to cuddle with you.  She is very well mannered in the house, and very quiet and calm. Rarely barks unless appropriate. She will jump up on people because she wants attention or when she is excited to see you, but she is so small, its not that big a deal, and she can be trained not to do that.  She knows a trick too!   If you say "bang" she will fall over. so cute!

2016 NCR Calendar Collies Needed!
NorCal Collie Rescue Calendars are one of our largest annual

Traditionally, we produce three calendars:
* Collie Portraits
* Collie Fun
* Collies with Friends (other dogs and animals)

If we have enough quality submissions for other calendars-Scenery,
Puppy, Rainbow Bridge-we will add more. Last year we had eight!

Check them out at our Cafe Press store.
Photos need to be good quality and large enough (at least 500kb) to format for our calendars. (If you're not sure what that means, just ask!) Horizontal photos work best. The collies need to have a good expression and look presentable. Many people buy our calendars-we even have international fans!

We prioritize submissions. NCR rescue collies have priority and then other rescue collies or collies of rescuers, volunteers, and donors.

Calendars are a great way to showcase the wonderful lives our rescue collies go on to lead in their furever homes. Many people follow our collies when they first go up for adoption, and it's always a thrill to see them loved and thriving.

Send calendar questions and submissions to Andrea Moss at
Deadline for consideration: Sept. 31, 2015.
Don't wait! Grab your camera. Check through photos taken earlier this year. One might be calendar material!