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NorCal Collie Rescue Spring Newsletter

NorCal Collie Rescue

Spring Newsletter

May 2024


Karen Cavallo, President

Wendy Graves, Vice President

Andrea Moss, Treasurer

Lisa McKenna, Secretary

Linda Renaud, Director


Wendy Graves - Amador, Placer, Sacramento, and El Dorado Counties

Karen Cavallo - Moduc, Siskiyou, Lassen, and Shasta Counties

Karen Cav allo - Contra Costa, Solano, and Yolo Counties

Karen Cavallo - Sonoma and Napa Counties

Lisa McKenna - Monterey, San Benito Counties

Kathleen Smith - Santa Cruz County

Vivian Stiassny - San Mateo County

Sonia Villalta - San Francisco, Marin Counties

Lisa McKenna - Central Valley, Alameda Counties

Linda Renaud - Santa Clara County

Volunteering to Foster for NorCal Collie Rescue is the Best Thing I Ever Embarked On In My Life!

By Linda Renaud

We already had an easygoing family Collie, named Diva, who was a friend to all humans and animals, and I’d been following the website updates on dogs rescued by NCR and Southland.

I filled out an application to volunteer, a home check was completed, and shortly thereafter I was asked to foster two Collies whose owner had passed away suddenly. Darcy and Boomer were my “two-fer” introduction to fostering. Fifteen years and several dozen dogs later, I have many dog-memories in my heart and many Human friends met through rescue.

What I learned was that fostering doesn’t only bring dogs into your life and you into theirs, there’s a whole supportive group whose goal is to help you succeed with advice and information; tips they have learned and willingly share; equipment such as dog beds, crates, gates, bowls, leashes etc. Food can also be provided, and all veterinary visits are paid for by NCR.

Foster homes are evaluated and matched with dogs that fit their level of experience. Area Coordinators stay in touch and are only a phone call away to answer questions and offer help, if needed. Your reward is that you learn something from every dog you foster and that helps you help more dogs in the long term.

As these dogs settle in, you get to observe who they are and help guide the selection of their best fit for new homes. You’ll often meet the potential new owners and get updates on your Foster Dogs after they’re rehomed. Fostering is not a lonely endeavor.

A common response to the idea of fostering is “I could never foster – I just would never be able to let go”! Response: You’d let go if you knew it was best for him. A good result is worth a few tears. Parents can be both happy and sad when their kids leave home. Of course, if you truly fall in love with your foster, you may decide to become an Adopter.

Fostering is the most important part of a successful rescue.

Uplifting Update on “Mercer Five” - Animal Cruelty Case

In August of 2022, the Collie Rescue Foundation alerted NorCal Collie Rescue to a

seizure of nearly 200 Collies from a property in Sherrard, Illinois. Two local Collie rescue organizations were on the ground immediately doing the bulk of the work: Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois and Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, along with Mercer County Animal Control and other local volunteers. They did an incredible job of ensuring the dogs were properly contained, transported, and cared for. Many other Collie organizations across the country, including NCR, joined in to help.

Upon learning the details of this rescue, NCR’s Board of Directors immediately voted to send donations to the two Collie rescue groups initially involved and sought to raise funds for Mercer County Animal Control on our website. We also notified Animal Control that we would be willing to foster some of the dogs when they felt it appropriate to release them to us. We remained in close touch with Animal Control on a general (and nail-biting) stand-by while the court hearings and related legal matters concerning the case progressed.

Although the court case was ongoing, the defendant had legally relinquished possession of the dogs to Mercer County Animal Control and they in turn were able to release the Collies to various Collie rescues throughout the country. We sent a volunteer to the site and arranged to take five of these Collies (pictured above). Our volunteer relayed to us later that local law enforcement had never seen anything like the way the Collie community had mobilized so quickly! And that they were overcome with appreciation for the help.

Thanks again to the AMAZING transport service of Mutt Mutt Engine for bringing our dogs across the country safely. Mutt Mutt Engine is a 501c3 charity that exists for the very purpose of transporting rescues! We feel VERY lucky to have found them.

Our heartfelt thanks to the local Collie rescues on the ground in Illinois and to the Collie Rescue Foundation for helping to coordinate the effort, showcase the enormous rescue, and reimburse NCR for some of the major medical expenses we incurred. NCR is proud to be an affiliate of this organization which was originally borne out of a need to assist in large rescues such as this one. We would also like to thank NCR’s donors who continue to support our rescue efforts at home and in these dire situations. Finally, we have so much gratitude for our foster homes, without which we couldn’t fulfill our mission to rescue and rehome Collies!

Up until this point, we hadn’t been able to talk about “the Mercer Collies” because of the pending legal action. However, we finally have great news! On March 6, 2024, Karen Plambeck was found guilty of eleven felony counts of intentional animal cruelty and will be sentenced in June 2024. This is truly a happy tail for all the rescued dogs and the volunteers who worked tirelessly on their behalf.

“Our” five Mercer Collies have been adopted and are living their best lives now in loving homes.

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