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Referral Collies (and friends)

These collies, collie mixes, shelties and other collie lookalikes are available from other rescue organizations or individuals.

Please contact these rescues for information and your application form, if needed.*

My name is Ritchie and I’m looking for a home!  After wandering the streets, I was picked up by the shelter and I spent some time
there before NorCal Sheltie Rescue discovered me.  I’m young but I don’t know my birthday (the shelter says I’m 2 years old).  I’m
a big boy, 54 pounds, and I think I’m a Sheltie, with beautiful, blended colors.  I’m neutered, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. 

When I was homeless, I became a little defensive around other dogs.  Foster mom says I need lots of training to build my
confidence around them and not overreact.  Another fault of mine, she says, is that I like to chase cats and critters. I seem to be
very interested in all the new distractions and I also need help in learning to walk politely on leash.  My best quality, though, is that I
love people and I’m very free with my affection. 

I can’t wait to find my permanent home.  Ideally, it would be a home with a large fenced yard, no other pets, no young children (I
might want to chase them), and people who are willing to train me.  I promise to give back lots of love in return. 

If you’d like to adopt me, please contact my rescuers at tgarycool@gmail.com for more information.  Thank you for reading my
story.  Please consider me and recognize how much potential I have for becoming a really great dog!

NorCal Collie Rescue is doing a courtesy post on Jett. If you are interested please reach out to the email listed below.
Jett is located in Placer County and owner is willing to consider Bay Area locations for Jett.

***Jett's bio***

Hi! I'm Jett, a 5 year old purebred AKC registered Rough Collie.

I'm a gentle and well behaved family dog in good health. I was raised with 2 bunnies, 2 children and a work-from-home couple. Due
to unforseen circumstances in my family, I am seeking a new place to call home.

I have a great personality as well as the following positive traits:

- I'm generally quiet.
- Not an aggressive bone in my body- I'm friendly with strangers and other animals!
- I don't get up onto furniture and prefer my bed on the floor.
- Walking me is easy! I'm great on a leash.
- I like to play, but mostly I enjoy laying around the house knowing I am loved.

Also, I'm sensitive and prefer a peaceful environment. My face gets itchy if I don't take my allergy medicine.  If you're looking for a
super cuddly dog, I may not be for you. Otherwise, I'm an all-around great guy!  I am also neutered !

I usually sport a haircut in the summer, but my coat is quite beautiful when grown out.

That's all about me! Please reach out to my parents for more adoption info!

Contact: colliejett333@gmail.com