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Covid-19 Collie Sanctuary Program

What is It?
The Covid Collie Sanctuary Program was established to give reassurance and peace of mind to families that may become or are affected by the virus.  It addresses the question of “who will care for my collie” if I am unable? All collie owners located in Northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon Border are eligible to receive assistance.  There is no cost for this service.  NorCal Collie Rescue (NCR) will cover all food, grooming (if available) and medical costs (if necessary) while your collie is in Sanctuary. If, however, you would like to make a donation to cover expenses your collie incurs while in the care of NCR once you have recovered it is appreciated, but not expected or needed at this time. This can be done through the paypal button on our website.

How Can I sign Up?
While you don’t have to sign up… .you can have a friend, neighbor, care giver call on a moments notice and we will arrange to come and pick up your pet.  If this is a program/service you know you would like to take advantage of if you become ill, let us know. We are putting together a “disaster preparation” packet we will email so you and your collie can be prepared.  Email info@calcollierescue.org or call Karen Cavallo (707) 374-5342 or the Collie line at 650-851-9227 for more detailed information.

How Can I help?
We have a few homes that are willing to be Covid Collie Sanctuary Homes but we need more! We will use those homes that are closest geographically to the collie owner that best matches the needs of their collies.  We are a big state so we will also need volunteers to help pick up and transport the collie to their new sanctuary homes. 

Please click here to register as a Sanctuary Foster Home or click here to assist in transport.